Whoopi Goldberg shuts down loud audience interrupting The View interview: 'Okay, ya'll'

The View's latest in-studio audience learned absolutely nothing from Joy Behar's noisy cell phone: Never interrupt the ladies on the panel!

The long-running talk show's ongoing sonic plague of noise-based terrorism continued on Tuesday's episode, as Oscar-winning panel moderator Whoopi Goldberg was forced to address the audience for being too loud during her interview with American Idol judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie.

As the trio of judges walked out from backstage, the camera showed several excited audience members cheering their arrival, with some even throwing up loving hand gestures as Perry, Bryan, and Richie took their seats next to the hosts.

Whoopi Goldberg turns to the audience on 'The View'
Whoopi Goldberg turns to the audience on 'The View'

ABC Whoopi Goldberg turns to the audience on 'The View'

"It's really wonderful to have you all here at the table with us. You're back with the 21st season — only six for y'all — of American Idol," Goldberg said at the top of the discussion.

"Now, when you see all the things that... okay, ya'll, you have to let us ask the questions," she continued, turning in her chair to address the crowd after those in attendance seemingly didn't quiet down at the start of the conversation. "We'll get back to you, but you've got to let us get through it, because you know we take forever to ask these questions."

Richie also noted that it was difficult to hear with the audience making noise, and the interview continued as normal afterward.

American Idol on The View
American Idol on The View

ABC 'American Idol' judges on 'The View.'

On the March 21 telecast, Goldberg addressed a series of aural phantoms that have bubbled up during the show's recent run, after Sara Haines' mug made a squeaking noise during the show.

"It's my glass, every time I turn it," Haines said, looking to the camera with a displeased look on her face as she replicated the noise with the mug in front of her.

"Let's put that rumor to rest. That sound that you hear, that's a cup, okay?" Behar added, while Goldberg finished the segment by saying, "Yes, because we get blamed for dropping gas, when in fact it's a cup."

The View continues weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC, while American Idol airs Sundays on the network.

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