Why Does Coca-Cola Taste Better at McDonald's? The Fast Food Chain Answers

McDonald's follows guidelines set by Coca-Cola to ensure that the beverage tastes as high-quality as possible anytime guests order it

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McDonald's Coca-Cola.

There are a few reasons why Coca-Cola tastes better when ordered at McDonald's.

According to the fast food brand, it follows guidelines that are set by Coca-Cola to ensure that the beverage tastes as high-quality as possible anytime guests order it at McDonald's locations across the nation.

Per the chain, McDonald's cleans out its soda fountains with filtered water, which helps ensure that only the most high-quality version of the fountain beverage is served through the dispensers.

The filtered water and the Coca-Cola syrup used, McDonald's adds, are pre-chilled before they enter fountain dispensers, with extra syrup added so that when ice is added to a drink, it allows for a perfect ratio of syrup to frozen water.

These cold temperatures help maintain high carbon dioxide levels, which helps soda remain carbonated for longer, according to AllRecipes.

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Another reason why McDonald's Coca-Cola tastes so delicious is because the chain gets the beverage syrup delivered in stainless steel tanks, The New York Times previously reported. The special tanks allow the syrup to stay fresh.

Additionally, the steel tanks also help protect the syrup from factors that could affect its flavor, including temperature and air, AllRecipes adds.

Other restaurants get their Coca-Cola delivered to them in plastic bags, according to the Times report, a method which, as AllRecipes notes, does not protect the syrup flavor as effectively.

McDonald's was able to achieve this perk of using stainless tanks due to a special relationship between Ray Kroc, the man behind McDonald's, and Coca-Cola that was established in 1955, per the Times.

McDonald's also notes that another reason why their Coke products taste so good is because of the straws they use.

"It's slightly wider than a typical straw so all that Coke taste can hit your taste buds," the fast food chain states.

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