Why are heat pumps so hot right now?

Heat pumps have never been hotter. And it's not just that everyone is suddenly clamouring for the latest in home-heating technology. Many experts are hailing heat pumps as the key to sustainable heating and a way to reduce global fossil fuel emissions.

A heat pump extracts heat from outside and redirects it inside, and then in a cooling cycle, it would extract heat from inside your house and send it outside.

“Everybody who has a fridge has a heat pump in their house,” explained Jeremy Sager, a Research Engineer for Natural Resources Canada in an interview with The Weather Network.

“The fridge has a heat pump, so it extracts heat from inside the fridge and rejects that heat to the surrounding air. If you've ever put your hand under or around the fridge when it's running, you'll fear feel some warm air. And that's as a result of the heat pump doing its work.”


Air Sourced Cold Climate Heat Pump Installations. (Images via Natural Resources Canada.)

A recent study by Natural Resources Canada shows that heat pumps were much more efficient than any other system.

While the efficiency findings differ based on the province you live in due to climate and temperature differentials, Sager said, “Savings were highest when compared to oil heating systems. With the instability of the gas market, switching to an electric solution is a more stable way to save money yearly.”

“If you've heated with oil, propane, or natural gas, the heat pump is going to dramatically reduce your, your greenhouse gas emissions,” he added.

Thinking of making the switch? The Canadian government offers the “Greener Homes Grant” incentive, where you could get up to a $5,000 rebate on installing this technology in your home.

Thumbnail image courtesy of [Erik Mclean (Pexels)](https://www.pexels.com/photo/aerial-photography-of-a-residential-area-10894368/)