Windsor Hall in city's downtown being transformed into future COVID-19 vaccination site

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A University of Windsor building in the city's downtown core is being transformed into a future vaccination site.

The university and Windsor Regional Hospital have partnered to change Windsor Hall, located at the corner of Pitt Street W. and Ferry Street, into a space where people can receive the COVID-19 vaccine, the hospital said in a news release Thursday.

As it stands, vaccinations are and will continue to take place at the St. Clair College Sportsplex, but the university building will "serve as a backup plan" in the event that the Sportsplex is needed as a field hospital for patients again.

Windsor Hall currently houses the university's School of Social Work and the Department of Continuing Education.

The hospital said that as the vaccination rollout continues, Windsor Hall will be one of "several vaccination centres in the region."

The date for opening Windsor Hall as a vaccination site depends on the arrival of more Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines, the hospital said.

"Thank you to the University of Windsor for your generosity in agreeing to the use of this great space for the benefit of our community in our fight against COVID-19," said Windsor Regional Hospital CEO David Musyj in the news release.