Winning a seven-figure lottery jackpot won’t stop SC woman from doing this chore

A South Carolina woman didn’t let failing to win previous lottery jackpots prevent her from participating in a second-chance event. Her resolve paid off in a big way — $1 million — South Carolina Education Lottery officials said in a news release.

The Fort Mill resident won the seven-figure grand prize in the $1,000,000 Riches Second-Chance Promotion, according to the release.

The woman found out in an email that her ticket was the one selected out of more than 800,000 entries, officials said.

“I read it two times and screamed at my husband to read it,” the winner said in the release. “I was jumping up and down screaming.”

The drawing was held May 9 and the $1 million jackpot was the only prize awarded, according to the lottery website. Scratch-off tickets submitted after Aug. 22, 2023, were eligible for the lottery game.

It was a subtle sign that gave her the motivation to submit her past losing ticket in the second-chance event, officials said.

The woman said she just happened to notice a tiny triangle in the corner of one of her lottery tickets saying it could be entered for another chance to win, according to the release. After some research, the woman joined the Lottery’s Players’ Club and entered that ticket and others she bought after that, officials said.

Despite the big payday, the woman joked she’s still going to be doing household chores.

“I still have to do laundry,” she said.

The winner did commit to one purchase she’s going make with her newfound windfall.

“I want to be financially responsible with it. My one splurge is I lost my engagement ring, and I’m going to allow myself to replace it,” she said.

The winner will be allowed to retain some privacy, as South Carolina is one of 11 states — along with Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Texas and Virginia — that allow lottery winners to remain anonymous.