De Winton woman sues over alleged polluted water

Ellen Alston says the M.D. of Foothills is responsible for polluted water on her property in De Winton, south of Calgary.

A woman who owns a home in De Winton, south of Calgary, is suing the Municipal District of Foothills because she says it is responsible for polluting her water.

"We left our home three years ago. I could hardly get out of bed by the time we had to leave," she said, who alleges the water on her rural property is full of E. coli, nitrates and bacteria.

Alston believes the pollution is due to manure in the area as her home is located across the road from the De Winton Riding Club.

"This watershed needs to be fixed. This is a major flood zone watershed," she said. "That is third-world quality pollution that is sitting on my property."

She had the water tested and says the report indicates there is contamination. But Harry Riva-Cambrin, municipal manager of the M.D. of Foothills, told CBC News there is no evidence to support the claim.

Neighbour Randy Hill has not had any problems with his water.

"I've had zero issues, period, of any kind with the water. It's perfect. We have had it checked just to make sure.

Alston wants the M.D. to fix the problem or buy her house.