Wolf Willow 'co-housing' project opens for seniors

Some seniors in Saskatoon are settling into their new building, the Wolf Willow, which is the first "co-housing" project of its kind anywhere in Canada.

The place is similar to an apartment-style condominium, but with a number of key distinctions.

For one thing, the residents planned and determined who would build the place.

A council of residents runs the building, which could become a model for other co-housing projects in the province.

One feature of the Wolf Willow is that it includes a lot of common space where residents can mingle.

Eliza Meggs said she is looking forward to building close bonds with her neighbours.

"It's just a case of building community and we sort of think about it as being like a little village," Meggs said.

Another co-housing project in Saskatoon is being planned, for people of all ages.

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