Woman Accidentally Broils Her Diamond Ring While Making Brussels Sprouts: 'What If I Served This?' (Exclusive)

"I always eat the hot Brussels off of the tray... almost grabbed the ring and would have choked," Jackie Gansky tells PEOPLE

<p>Janice Gansky/Tiktok</p> Jackie Gansky posts TikTok of her broiled diamond ring

Janice Gansky/Tiktok

Jackie Gansky posts TikTok of her broiled diamond ring

When Jackie Gansky took a pan of Brussels sprouts out of the oven on Thanksgiving Day, she looked down in shock. Sitting amongst the pile of vegetables, which had been in the oven for 30 minutes at 415 degrees before broiling, was her diamond ring.

The actress, 29, tells PEOPLE the ring — a white gold blue topaz cushion-cut stone with a diamond bezel set that she got from her mom, Nancy Gansky, at 16 years old — had slipped off her finger while cooking and landed on the tray.

After noticing what had happened Jackie grabbed her phone to record her family's reaction on video. She posted the video to TikTok, which has since gone viral with 2.2 million views.

"I was shocked and thought it was so funny too!" Jackie says. "That’s never happened before. I couldn’t stop laughing because I kept imagining, what if I served this at the table and someone found it in their plate or tried to eat it!"

"I always eat the hot Brussels off of the tray and was eating a few to see if they were ready, I almost grabbed the ring and would have choked," she adds. "My mom was shocked! She was actually speechless when she saw the ring was brown and had a crispy burn on it. I wasn’t sure if the ring would ever be back to normal."

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Jackie, who usually wears the ring every day, adds how after pulling the browned, burnt ring off the tray she showed it to her sister, Danielle Gansky. She says: "I’ve never seen her laugh with so much shocked nervousness on her face. My whole family said I should get a ring guard."

She continues: "All my cousins were around and thought I was doing a prank and joking with them since I always joke around. My sister even touched the ring and found out quickly it was very hot."

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<p>Jackie Gansky/Tiktok</p> Jackie Gansky notices diamond ring on brussels sprouts tray

Jackie Gansky/Tiktok

Jackie Gansky notices diamond ring on brussels sprouts tray

Since the accident, Jackie shares how her ring has thankfully gone back to normal. "I wasn’t sure if the ring would ever be back to normal. After wearing it for a few weeks, it went back to normal and sparkling on its own!" she says.

Jackie also adds how she appreciated the cleaning tips and advice people left in the comments on the TikTok video.

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"I love cooking and I cook Brussels sprouts almost every day, maybe one day I’ll get proposed to in food and it will be a more romantic surprise," she says. "My mom is a chef and she taught me how to cook and I love being in the kitchen and I was helping her out by cooking some of the veggies on Thanksgiving day and added some humor the kitchen."

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