Woman Calmly Captures Goose in Central Park

A woman in New York’s Central Park stunned bystanders when she was seen calmly using a jacket to capture a goose on Saturday, October 5.

Footage recorded by Instagram user @the_vees_knees shows a woman stealthily tiptoeing over to and capturing the goose by a pool in Central Park.

However, the video isn’t as sinister as it seems.

According to the New York animal rescue service Wild Bird Fund, the woman in the video is their executive director, Rita McMahon.

The organization explained on Instagram that they had treated the goose in the video, Calista, for lead toxicity.

Calista, while undergoing treatment, grew a close bond with another goose patient, Alyssa, they reported.

According to Wild Bird Fund, after she was released to the park, Calista experienced separation anxiety and “started wandering around and honking for her buddy,” the group said, prompting the decision to recapture her.

The Wild Bird Fund said the geese were reunited and sent to a sanctuary in upstate New York. Credit: @the_vees_knees via Storyful

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