Woman Claims These Selfies Were Taken By The Aliens That Abducted Her


These blurry selfies were apparently taken by ALIENS - according to the woman who claimed she was abducted by them.

The unnamed woman said she was taken away by little green men after she lost time at her home in Illinois.

Time loss is a common experience for so-called alien abductees and the woman is convinced she had an extraterrestrial experience.

Bizarrely, the woman said she found 40 photos on her phone following her experience, which she puts down to aliens trying to take selfies.


Blurred: The woman claimed the pictures were “otherworldly” (MUFON)

She told the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON): “I believe I was abducted that night.

"I was lighting a cigarette on the stove and had a scratch off ticket in my hand.

"The next thing I know I’m waking up on the floor of my bathroom in foetal position.

"The cigarette I had and ticket were on the floor in the kitchen apparently I’d dropped them.”


Mystery: The woman found the photos on her phone days after her experience (MUFON)

She found the pictures on her phone a few days later and is adamant that neither she or her boyfriend had taken them.

She added: “When you truly look at the detail you see they are other worldly and cannot be faked.”

UFO hunters claim to be able to see the outline of aliens in the pictures - what do you think?

Top pic: MUFON