Woman Downs Entire Bottle Of Cognac Because She Couldn’t Take It On Flight

A woman who was told she couldn’t bring a £120 bottle of cognac on to a plane tried to thwart security officials by downing its contents.

The woman, whose surname was Zhao, was stopped at Beijing Capital International Airport when she tried to bring a bottle of Rémy Martin XO Excellence, which costs about $200, on board her flight to Wenzhou.

When told the bottle was not permitted as hand luggage and that she would have to leave it behind, she proceeded to drink the whole thing.

She had purchased the bottle earlier at a US airport, but was not allowed to take it on board as it exceeded the 100ml liquid limit for hand luggage.

Unsurprisingly, after drinking the bottle of cognac, she was considerably drunk and was not permitted to fly. She was unable to board the plane after she started shouting and then fell to the floor inside the terminal.

A police officer told the South China Morning Post: “She was so drunk… she couldn’t even stand up herself. We took her to a room in a wheelchair so she could rest.”

She drank the bottle at about midday, but didn’t sober up until 7pm, when her family came and collected her from the airport.

(Picture: Rex Features)