Woman Escapes Attack By Estranged Husband Who Detailed Her Kidnapping And Murder In Note, Prosecutors Say

A Pennsylvania woman’s “soon-to-be ex-husband” was arrested Sunday after he allegedly stabbed her multiple times in the leg as part of a failed kidnap and murder attempt, Montgomery County prosecutors announced.

Geoffrey Kay-Conway Sr., 52, was taken into custody on charges of attempted murder, attempted kidnapping and attempted rape after police found a note detailing his sinister plan, prosecutors said.

Geoffrey Kay-Conway Sr. allegedly attacked his estranged wife at the King of Prussia Walmart on North Gulph Road in Pennsylvania.
Geoffrey Kay-Conway Sr. allegedly attacked his estranged wife at the King of Prussia Walmart on North Gulph Road in Pennsylvania.

Geoffrey Kay-Conway Sr. allegedly attacked his estranged wife at the King of Prussia Walmart on North Gulph Road in Pennsylvania.

According to the statement, police responded to a call of a domestic assault at a Walmart in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, at around 10:45 a.m. on Sunday.

Prosecutors alleged Kay-Conway attacked his estranged wife, stabbing her multiple times in the leg while she was inside her parked vehicle before she managed to escape.

According toprosecutors, Kay-Conway’s wife was able to escape after bystanders intervened to help her. He was able to flee the scene before responding officers arrived but was apprehended in a nearby parking lot.

Police found several suspicious items while searching Kay-Conway, including a large metal pick and black zip ties in the shape of handcuffs.

Officers also found a black duffle bag believed to belong to Kay-Conway at a nearby pickup truck.

Inside the duffel bag, police found even more suspicious items including a black nonlethal PepperBall gun, three piercing tools ― one with his wife’s name written on it ― a blindfold, duct tape, more zip ties, knives, wire cutters, pliers and lubricant.

Police also discovered a court order which revealed Kay-Conway was arrested in October on charges of stalking but was released on a $5,000 bail.

According to prosecutors, at the bottom of the court order, Kay-Conway had written, “I Have 1.5 months to Kill that Bitch. Could have Killed her 17 times if i wanted. What a week system.”

Police also found a two-page note to his brother inside a sealed Manila envelope, labeled “read last,” which detailed his plan to kidnap his wife, then sexually assault her before murdering her.

“Well by now [Kay-Conway’s wife] and I are both dead,” Kay-Conway allegedly wrote in the note. “So there really is nothing to worry about. Listen tell everyone, there is nothing anybody could have done.”

According to the note, Kay-Conway said he had been watching his wife almost every day “to observe her habits,” and learn her schedule.

“I even tried to let her see me a couple of times, not sure if she
did or not,” the note allegedly read. “Depending where she parks, some days are more ideal than others. If I cant do it on an ideal day, it will happen the weekend before Thanksgiving somewhere around town.”

Kay-Conway also wrote that he planned to kidnap his wife on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and if she screamed or tried to run away, he would shoot her in the face.

His note also allegedly included details that he thought of killing his wife every day since they separated and planned to rape her before killing her.

Investigators discovered that Kay-Conway had allegedly installed a tracking device in his wife’s car, allowing him to follow her to the parking lot where he attacked her.

According to prosecutors, the court had ordered a protective order against Kay-Conway on Oct. 5, prohibiting him from any contact with his wife. He violated the order weeks later on Oct. 20 when he allegedly stalked his wife and stopped to threaten her.

Kay-Conway is currently being held at Montgomery County Correctional Facility and was denied bail. His next court appearance is scheduled for Dec. 11.

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