Woman Ignites Viral Debate After Wearing a White Shirt, Pants to Her Sister's Wedding

"I thought it’d be okay because I wasn’t wearing a dress," the sister said of her wedding attire

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worried bride

A woman has ignited a viral back-and-forth on Reddit after saying her older sister is no longer speaking to her for wearing a white shirt and dress pants to her formal wedding.

In a post shared to Reddit, the 27-year-old woman revealed that she recently attended the wedding of her 32-year-old sister.

Noting that the dress code was formal, the sister said she "wore a white shirt and black pants to her wedding, like most of the men there."

Though she acknowledged that women don't typically wear white to a wedding — out of respect for the bride — she added, "I thought it’d be okay because I wasn’t wearing a dress."

However, "my sister got really annoyed at me and she hasn’t spoken to me much since," the user wrote, revealing that the bride "said that I stole the attention away from her but I honestly didn’t because I didn’t stand out at all I was wearing a plain shirt and black pants I blended in with other people."

The younger sister added, "I didn’t mean to upset her though I honestly thought it would be ok."

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<p>Getty</p> Portrait of young woman in a white tshirt


Portrait of young woman in a white tshirt

Commenters were largely split on the matter, with one suggesting that the bride seems to be mad at her sister because she was "dressed like all the men."

"Nobody is going to mistake a woman in a white shirt and black pants for the bride. I think the whole 'you wore white-how dare you' thing is a red herring," the commenter wrote. They added, "Your sister obviously expected to see you in a dress, or at least a fancy formal pantsuit, and you didn’t comply."

Another said there seemed to be a deeper issue at play. "It seems odd to me that you wouldn’t discuss what you plan to wear with her prior to her wedding, is there a lack of closeness between you?" they asked.

They continued by adding, "The fact that she’s your sister and she’s being petty / holding a grudge about this, and that you didn’t discuss or show her what you were gonna wear beforehand, tells me that there’s some deeper issue at root here."

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Another commenter suggested that the sister's issue may have been more with the style of the poster's dress than the color of the top itself.

"Honestly, black pants and a white shirt sound kind like what waiters / servers would wear, since presumably the men were also wearing suit jackets," the commenter wrote.

"Sometimes 'formal wear' for women means a long dress (example: ankle-length satin or sparkly dress in a jewel tone) so it’s unclear if your shirt being white was the only problem with your outfit and your sister’s expectations," they offered.

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