Woman uses Tinder profile to scam gullible men out of money

A young woman is making money from her Tinder matches. Photo from Getty Images.

Call it clever or cruel, but one 20-year-old college student has turned her online dating profile into a way to make a quick buck at the expense of gullible men.

Maggie Archer is a student at Missouri Western State University and she recently revealed on Twitter that she’s been making money by simply using her Tinder bio. Basically, any guy who matches with her on the dating app is encouraged to send her $5 on PayPal to “see what happens.” It’s an offer that more than one guy has taken her up on.

For those who are curious enough to see what $5 will buy them, they’re in for an unpleasant surprise. After the funds go through, Archer immediately unmatches with them on Tinder.

The money making scheme reportedly started as a joke. Archer’s friend apparently told her to use the $5 line in her Tinder bio. When it worked and she started making some money, Archer decided to stick with it.

Speaking to Buzzfeed News, Archer explained that “it’s really a foolproof plan because I’m not actually promising anything. I just say ‘see what happens.'”

She also revealed that on average about one in five men who ask her about the $5 offer actually send the money, with more than 20 sending money in the span of the week.

Screenshots on Archer’s Twitter account show her conversations on Tinder, as well as numerous deposits to her PayPal account.

“A surprising amount of men take the bait,” she explained.

And the scam has gained plenty of attention after going viral online, with some praising Archer’s ingenuity and others complaining that it comes off a bit mean-spirited.

“Some people are definitely upset about what I’m doing,” Archer told Buzzfeed. “Mostly men.”

But to be fair, it’s a little hard to feel bad for anyone naive enough to send $5 after reading a Tinder bio.

As the old saying goes, a fool and his money are soon parted.

Tinder gets involved

Now it appears Archer will have to find another way to fill her bank account after Tinder caught wind of what’s been going on.

Bite Global, a communications agency that represents Tinder, contacted Yahoo Canada News to provide further clarification on the company’s stance regarding this matter. They emailed the following statement, attributable to a Tinder spokesperson:

“Requesting money from other Tinder users violates our terms of service. As a result, these users have been removed from Tinder.”