I won't date someone who doesn't attend therapy, says Eiza Gonzalez

Eiza Gonzalez won't date someone unless they've "gone to therapy".

The 34-year-old actress has been in therapy since she was young, and she considers it to be one of her dating "non-negotiables".

She told InStyle: "I definitely have a list of non-negotiables.

"If you've not gone to therapy. I'm not dating you."

Despite this, Eiza admitted that she was initially resistant to having therapy.

The 'Baby Driver' star shared: "I didn't want to talk about my feelings, because I was in shock and I was traumatised, and I couldn't bear the fact that my father had died."

Now, though, Eiza is convinced that anyone and everyonce can benefit from therapy sessions.

The actress said: "Everyone needs therapy. Therapy is the most normal [thing]!

"The concept of this prefixed negative idea about therapy is nuts to me. I think therapy is just the healthiest thing anyone could do."

Eiza is someone who fully commits herself to all of her romances.

The brunette beauty reflected: "I am telling you: When I'm in love, I fall in love so deep and it takes me so much to get over.

"And the older I get, it's harder for me because I don't play around. I go in and I give it all."

Eiza is actually feeling better about herself than she did in her 20s.

The movie star suggested that she's become more comfortable in her own skin in recent years.

She explained: "Shockingly, I like myself so much more physically right now than I did in my twenties. And a part of it, obviously, is maturing and accepting yourself and doing all the hard work, but I also think I look better.

"I actually think I'm ageing into my looks in a way that I personally like."