What is World Wildlife Day and how can you get involved?

WWD welcomes individuals coming up with their own ideas about how to celebrate the day (AFP via Getty Images)
WWD welcomes individuals coming up with their own ideas about how to celebrate the day (AFP via Getty Images)

World Wildlife Day is held every year at the start of March and aims to raise awareness of the unique ways our world is brought together by the wildlife living in it.

Organised by the United Nations, the day helps people to learn, while spreading the message about areas that are under threat, with tips on what we – as humans – can do to help.

A spokesman said: “United Nations World Wildlife Day (WWD) is celebrated every year to celebrate wild animals and plants. Every year, we recognise the unique roles and contributions of wildlife to people and the planet.”

Here is all we know about the day.

When is it happening?

The World Wildlife Day is held annually on March 3 and 2024 will be the 11th year the event is celebrated.

The United Nations initiated the day in 2013 at a UN General Assembly to raise awareness of “the benefits of fauna and flora”.

The World Wildlife Day organisation committee said: “People everywhere rely on wildlife and biodiversity-based resources to meet our needs – from food, to fuel, medicines, housing and clothing.

“For us to enjoy the benefits and the beauty that nature brings us and our planet, people have been working together to make sure ecosystems are able to thrive and plant and animal species are able to exist for future generations. So, let’s celebrate wildlife and the important conservation work being done around the world.”

What is the theme for 2024?

This year the theme is Connecting People and Planet: Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation and the group is exploring “digital innovation and highlighting how digital conservation technologies and services can drive wildlife conservation, sustainable and legal wildlife trade and human-wildlife coexistence, now and for future generations in an increasingly connected world”.

It wants to explore how 21st-century technologies can increase sustainability and help the areas most in need around the globe.

It said advances in technology have made research in areas such as communication, tracking, DNA analysis and many other aspects of wildlife conservation easier, more efficient and accurate but in some parts of the world the lack of access to technology is making it harder.

How can I get involved in World Wildlife Day?

The organisation has a section dedicated to an array of events already planned around the world that you can be a part of.

There is also a livestream about the day, which is being held on March 4 between 10am and 1pm, which explores in more depth the work that is underway.

It will feature statements from high-level speakers and segments hosted by WWD partners and will highlight the latest and most impactful conservation technologies of today. Experts from around the world will share their experiences and ideas for bridging gaps in sustainable digital innovation for wildlife conservation.

Alternatively if you want to hold your own event, you are welcome to and can register your own idea here.