'Xposed - Humans vs. Planet Earth' art show illustrates human impact on nature

An upcoming art show at the Knox Contemporary Gallery of Art titled, Xposed - Humans vs. Planet Earth, will show works illustrating humanity's tense relationship with planet earth. 

The show's opening reception will take place Thursday, Oct. 10 at the Knox gallery which is located in the southeast corner of Eau Claire Market. 

With submissions from around the world, the gallery director Terry Gregoraschuk, who is an artist himself, wanted to collect works of art that visually represent artists' environmental concerns.

"I put out the call for Xposed - Humans vs. Planet Earth to get works from artists from across the globe to see what their feelings are on the environment and what kind of statement they are making visually about the environment," he said.

"It's a hot topic right now, we are going through an election."

Monty Kruger/CBC

Artists from across Canada and the United States made the final cut, seven of 15 of which are from Alberta.

Gregoraschuk said artists have long created works to comment on society, and he wanted to gather those works together in one place for visitors to see.

"On a whole, artists over history have always made social commentary on different subjects, the environment is just another commentary that artists are voicing their opinion on visually," he said.

One of his works is included in the show, titled Run Bear Run.

It's a multimedia piece that illustrates the demise of bears in Alberta. 

"If we lose these animals they're going to be extinct and there's going to be nothing for generations down the road," he said.

"Something has to be said now about it and this is just my way of making my own personal statement on the environment."

Monty Kruger/CBC

David Grudniski, a prolific local painter, has a work in the exhibit titled Eccentricity of comfort and convenience.

"It's about … how we give everything away just for our convenience and comfort," said Grudniski.

"We forget about the world, we forget about what we're doing to the world, it's about that arrogance.

"This is almost a satirical piece with a little bit of shame connected to it," he said.

The show will exhibit at the Knox Contemporary Gallery of Art until Nov. 3, 2019.