Memorable Moment winner: Dark Knight shooting

This year's most memorable moment isn't one many people want to remember.

Excitement around the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises was replaced with horror when the film’s midnight debut in Aurora, Colorado was interrupted when a gunman opened fire in the packed theatre, killing 12 people and injuring 58 others.

The suspect in the shootings, James Holmes, was arrested outside the theatre minutes later.

As terrifying as the shooting was, the memory has become indelible, as our readers told us.

"A truly horror filled, horrible moment. Unfortunately due to human nature we tend to remember negative more than positive.” - Makwa

“The Dark Knight shooting, now that was a horrific story. Can you possibly imagine a night out with your date and some wacko comes into the theater and tosses grenades at people and starts firing a rifle and killing people around you? Believe me, when I went to a theater after reading about this, I no longer wanted to sit up near the back anymore because you are trapped, there simply is no escape. I love going to a movie and this story was just too real. It could have happened anywhere."-Vonne