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    Trump will be remembered as he best President of the US.
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    Dr Evil
    Who wants to bet 2018 too. I wonder why?
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    Jane Doe
    Last week CTV interrupted a story about Trudeau's conflict of interest with the Aga Khan to feature "breaking news" about Trump's tax reform -- as if it was more important to Canadians than Canada itself. The only reason that Trump was the "No. 1 most-searched for news topic of 2017" (unsubstantiated) might be that Canada's media, including Yahoo, have pumped gullible Canadians full of US politics as though we are really just wimpy little American wannabes. Unfortunately many Canadians accept CBC, CTV, Yahoo, and others as pillars of accuracy and importance. They are anything but.
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    Edward W
    Correction. The top search would be Trump impeachment.
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    Guess who's still going to be president in 2018 :P
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    Stalins Moustache
    Why would anybody have to 'Search" for Trump? He is like a penicillin-resistant rash or superbug all over Yahoo and every social media platform.
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    YAHOO! is libretarded SHIT!!
    I googled "trudeau", and got this...
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    boots electric
    Canadians should be very very concerned about what Trump and ilk are up to and so they should, because much of what happens down in the US typically infects Canadian soil, a fine indicator of this happening sooner than later is the increase of hate crimes committed in Canada every since rise of da!fuhrer Trump.
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    The Turdy was given the news when he went to Social Media Headquarters in China
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    Over 50