Yellowknife's Sushi Café closes temporarily, after truck crashes into restaurant

Yellowknife RCMP charge woman in Sushi Café crash

The windows and exterior walls of Yellowknife's Sushi Café have been shattered, and its owner left shocked, after a truck apparently smashed into the business early Sunday morning, forcing it to close for the time being.

Anita Wai, who owns the restaurant on the corner of Franklin Avenue and 54 Street, said she noticed she had a missed call from the RCMP around 5 a.m. Sunday. She said police later knocked on the door of her home, telling her she should go by the restaurant.

When she arrived, a white, Ford F-150 was up on the sidewalk, with its front end rammed into her café, and glass and wooden debris scattered all around it.

The vehicle was empty, and Wai said police told her the driver ran away.

Now the café needs to be rebuilt. Inside, pink insulation bursts from a section of wall that's been smashed in, and white tiles from the ceiling are falling apart.

Windows are broken and furniture has been damaged. Tables and chairs had been pushed to a far wall, away from the café windows.

Staff from Yellowknife restoration company Northern Disaster Services were on the scene, sweeping up the debris Sunday morning.

Wai said she still has no idea what the cost of the damage is. She believes it could be a few months until things are repaired.

"We can't open like this," she said, adding she is "so shocked" and feels "really bad."

As for what Wai plans to do in the meantime — "I have no idea," she said.

She said she wanted to thank all the customers for their support over the years.

CBC News has asked the RCMP for details about the incident and is waiting for a response.