Young Driver Mistakes Car’s Cassette Slot For An iPhone Dock

(Mike Smith Buick GMC/Facebook)

The standard cassette decks in cars were all the rage decades ago.

But now they are out of date, as the digital era brings modern music to our ears.

Memories of 1980s and 1990s journeys spent listening to tapes are a nostalgic joy for millions.

Yet it turns out young folk today don’t really ‘get’ the old fashioned audio system.

One baffled chap visited his garage mechanic, complaining that the cassette player had scratched his iPhone – after he inserted it in to the bit where the tape is meant to go, thinking it was an iPhone dock.

Images of the phone fitting perfectly into the cassette slot were shared by Mike Smith at Buick GMC on Facebook.

(Mike Smith Buick GMC/Facebook)

However, though the pre-21st century sound system is loved by many, for its innocent vintage appeal – the scratches on the man’s smartphone are not so endearing.

The Facebook post generated more than 39k likes, receiving comments about the lad’s naivety – with Halinyah Yerry adding: “Goes to show, people so don’t know their history.”

(This original poster celebrated the ‘new technology’ of in-car cassette players, back in the day. Credit: Rex)

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