Young Sheldon confirms character return for final season

zoe perry, iain armitage, young sheldon, season 7
Young Sheldon s7 confirms character returnCBS - Getty Images

Young Sheldon has confirmed a big character's return for its seventh and final season.

The show's executive producer Steve Holland told TVLine that "Tam is going to be back."

Tam was Sheldon's childhood friend across the first four seasons, and became the first Young Sheldon character to go on and appear in The Big Bang Theory – but he hasn't been seen for a few years on the prequel show.

Holland added that the upcoming season will "nod" to Sheldon and Tam's falling out. Sheldon told Amy in The Big Bang Theory this was due to Tam moving to Texas to join his girlfriend, going back on a promise that they would be grad school roommates together at Caltech.

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The exec previously explained why there are more Big Bang references and Easter eggs in this final run of episodes than previous seasons, as he stated: "Knowing this was our last season, we each had a personal list of things we wanted to acknowledge or make reference to or hide in the background – and I think Big Bang fans will have a lot to look forward to."

He added that: "To go on longer would have been personally rewarding but it wouldn't have been fair to the show. This felt like a great time to bring it to a close."

zoe perry, iain armitage, young sheldon, season 7
CBS - Getty Images

Another thing from Big Bang Theory that Young Sheldon will address is the fact that George Sr died when Sheldon was 14, which is the age he is now in the show.

Holland previously explained that the prequel series wouldn't avoid that moment in Sheldon's life, stating that it was important to show.

Meanwhile, another spin-off has been confirmed to be in development, to potentially keep the franchise going once Young Sheldon comes to an end in a few months.

Young Sheldon airs on CBS in the US and E4 in the UK.

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