‘Young Sheldon’ Penultimate Episode Featured Lance Barber Attending His Character’s Funeral

As Young Sheldon fans expected, George Cooper died in the penultimate episode of the CBS comedy that wrapped for good on May 16.

What they didn’t expect was that Lance Barber, who’s played Sheldon’s lovable pop George, would appear twice at his character’s own funeral: first as a corpse in the coffin and second, as a grieving woman inside the chapel.

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A spokesperson for the comedy confirmed what eagle eye fans had already noticed: that was, indeed, Barber rocking a silver wig, off-white glasses and a wine-colored dress in the otherwise somber scene. It was a blink-and-you’ll-miss it appearance; Barber appeared in the back of the chapel while Georgie (Montana Jordan) was delivering his eulogy.

The spokesperson for the show told Deadline that Barber “surprised everyone and showed up like that.”

Executive Producer Steve Holland told Deadline they kept George’s death off-camera for a reason.

“We didn’t want to witness that moment of his death,” Holland said. “We always knew we were going to deal with his death this season, but we never thought about seeing it on camera. So really the discussion was when it would happen in the course of the last few episodes and how the family would get the news.”

The producers decided to have George die in the penultimate episode so the finale could end in a more upbeat manner. “I think Chuck Lorre said the show has been such a positive, loving family show. Let’s not leave the audience wallowing in grief,” Holland said. “Maybe there’s a way to do that and then move past it and show the family starting to put itself back together and end on a little bit more of a moment of hope.”

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