YouTuber Niko Omilana mocks Rishi Sunak with ‘L’ sign as former prime minister secures Northallerton seat

Prankster Niko Omilana has got the moment he was craving, holding an “L” sign behind Rishi Sunak as the prime minister held onto his Richmond and Northallerton seat.

The YouTube star won just 160 votes in the North Yorkshire constituency, with his supporters circling the counting room and cheering every time they spotted a ballot in his favour.

But, with Mr Sunak leading the Conservative Party to its worst defeat in history, Mr Omilana may well have had the last laugh.

And, donning a comically small pair of green sunglasses, while Mr Sunak prepared to thank his constituents for backing him, and concede defeat nationally to Sir Keir Starmer, he held the black L on a white piece of paper, standing for “loss”, or “loser”.