How Zach and Tori Roloff Said Farewell to “Little People, Big World” After 25 Seasons

In February, the couple announced season 25 of 'Little People, Big World' would be their last on their 'Raising Heights' podcast

TLC (L) Zach and Tori Roloff
TLC (L) Zach and Tori Roloff

Another season of Little People, Big World has come and gone, but for Zach and Tori Roloff their chapter on the TLC reality show has officially come to a complete close.

On Tuesday's season 25 finale of Little People, Big World, Zach and his father Matt Roloff remained at odds over their ongoing family drama about the sale of their family farm.

After a nail-biting, but overall successful, fundraiser for the Dwarf Athletic Association of America, Matt's ex-wife Amy Roloff reflected on their son's fractured relationship with his father while out for lunch with her second husband, Chris Marek.

When Chris asked if there had been any hope of the ice between the two "thawing," Amy confessed that she was in the dark about the details of their feud, but knew their relationship had been changed forever.

Matt Roloff/Instagram (L) Zach Roloff and Matt Roloff
Matt Roloff/Instagram (L) Zach Roloff and Matt Roloff

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"I don't know. I mean, of course he's the father and grandfather," she said of Matt. "But I don't think they'll ever look at it as that father-son bonding relationship type of thing, no."

Though Zach and Matt have their own issues to work through, Amy told cameras that she would always be around to "help" should they need mediation, but admitted she was grateful to have her own relationships with her kids intact.

Elsewhere in the episode, Matt had his own date with his fiancée Caryn Chandler where they discussed the nitty gritty of their rift with Zach and his wife Tori. After Matt revealed his plans to construct a playground on their property for his grandkids, Caryn pointed out that Zach's children no longer come around the farm to visit.

"I'm always hopeful that Zach and Tori will bring the kids around and if not, the kids will be coming around later in life," he sighed. In a conversation with cameras, Matt confessed that he missed their children coming around often while Caryn claimed that the couple had "lots of love and fun to give and whoever shows up is going to get it."

<p>Tori Roloff Instagram</p> (L-R) Josiah, Zach, Lilah, Jackson and Tori Roloff

Tori Roloff Instagram

(L-R) Josiah, Zach, Lilah, Jackson and Tori Roloff

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"I think we've just come to terms that they don't want a relationship and so, you just have to accept that," she continued. "I still care about them. I still love those kids and miss them. Just because it's now ended sad, doesn't mean that that didn't exist — those memories I'm holding on to."

Caryn added, "I don't know the future so it doesn't look bright at this moment in time, but I'm not gonna give up hope. Just because we missed a couple years — well, there's always relationships to be rebuilt, and if they are, they are. That's great. And if they're not, it's not because we didn't want it."

Later, Zach and Tori took their children Jackson, 6, Lilah, 4, and Josiah, 23 months, to pick blackberries on their property. As he lifted Lilah up and down in the bucket of his red tractor, Zach reflected on his own childhood memories on the Roloff family farm and how his children will never be able to have the same experiences.

"No one's holding grudges," Zach told cameras of his rocky relationship with his dad. "No one's intentionally not going to the farm, you know, there's just no interest. The kids don't ask, [it's] nothing we're hiding from them, it's just they don't ask and they have their own space up here."

Zach Roloff/Instagram; Thos Robinson/Getty (L-R) Zach, Matt and Amy Roloff
Zach Roloff/Instagram; Thos Robinson/Getty (L-R) Zach, Matt and Amy Roloff

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"When it comes to my dad like yeah, I don't know dude, like that ship's all sailed. Like there's not much of a relationship. It's just doing our own thing. Time maybe even it out, but everything will be healed. It'll just -- it'll be different," he shrugged.

At the end of the episode, Matt, Caryn, Amy and Chris met on the family farm to celebrate the success of their fundraiser. As Amy and Chris confessed that Zach and Tori didn't come over enough for her "grandma room" to be used, Matt opened up about his own sadness about missing out on their grandchildren's lives.

"When Zach and Tori said, they were going to, you know, isolate themselves to give themselves space ... they didn't put a timeline on it, and we're two years into it," he explained. "And it's always sad when you don't get to see your grandkids and somebody can't seem to find healing ... [or] build a bridge."

TLC (L) Zach and Tori Roloff
TLC (L) Zach and Tori Roloff

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In February, Zach and Tori announced they would be leaving Little People, Big World following season 25.

"We are not coming back to Little People, Big World. Like, we are done," Tori, 31, began on their Raising Heights podcast. "That part of our lives, that chapter, has closed."

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Sharing his wife's sentiment, Zach replied, "I think the chapter has closed regardless of us being asked back or not. We've made it pretty clear we're done with that chapter for multiple reasons, the reasons we will get into here."

"But because we've made that pretty clear, we also haven't they haven't asked us back, technically," he continued. "This last cycle was rough, between the family, the farm deal and we are done with it."

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