'Is this what heaven looks like?' to 'I can guarantee these prices won’t last': Zellers reopens in Canada to mixed reviews

A decade after its closure, the nostalgic brand is set to return with a little bit of the old and new

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Canadian department store Zellers hopes to make a comeback next year, a decade after the discount chain shuttered most of its locations. A Zeller's store is shown Thursday, January 13, 2011 in St.Eustache, Que. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz (The Canadian Press)

After being closed for more than 10 years, the Canadian beloved discount brand, Zellers, is opening in Canada once more. The newly-resurrected Zellers locations will open to the public, in Ontario and Alberta, months after the announcement and hype. Zellers’ e-commerce platform will also relaunch on the same day.

Along with the retail stores and e-commerce websites, Zellers also announced a new food menu with a bunch of classic, cheap eats.

The 'Zellers Diner of Wheels' will be visiting various store locations over the first few opening days.

The Zellers menu features a few classics from before.
The Zellers menu features a few classics from before.

The food truck menu features a Big Z Burger and Hot Chicken Sandwich for only $6 dollars, while the grilled cheese is for $3 dollars. The Zellers iconic dish, the Fries & Gravy, are also for $3; while the chicken fingers will be selling for $7 dollars.

While some people may be disappointed about a small menu and no in-house dining restaurant, many customers are happy to have the classics back and the cheap prices being offered.

Zellers fans react on Twitter, Reddit

Although many were happy to hear about the return about the Zellers menu, some Reddit users are not so happy with the menu items, or the 'cash-grab' pricing.

While one Reddit user said, "I really hate the descriptions. They couldn't have used the old simple descriptions?", another pointed out how these competitive prices won't last for long.

"I can guarantee these prices won’t last. They are just bringing in sort of “nostalgia” pricing to get the attention, but they will slowly increase as the buzz fades," the user wrote.

However, most of the public opinion on Twitter was somewhat positive, with consumers excited to start lining up at the food truck to get the good old classic items.