2025 Cadillac XT4 drops base trim, adds standard equipment

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An early order guide for the 2025 Cadillac XT4 shows a by-now familiar change coming for the luxury brand's entry-level crossover: The entry-level Luxury trim in front-wheel-drive has been removed from the trim walk. At the moment, that base 2024 XT4 asks $39,090 after the $1,195 destination charge. The next trim up is the Premium Luxury FWD starting at $42,690, a $3,600 difference. What we're used to in these situations is the new base model rising by at least that difference and often more, as new features get added with the new model year. The bad news is that the starting price for the 2025 XT4 is higher than it was in 2024. The good news is that the difference is smaller than expected.

Cars Direct has seen the coming crossover's pricing. The new MSRP's and their differences from 2024 are:

  • Premium Luxury: $41,990 ($700 less)

  • Sport: $42,790 ($400 less)

Instead of leaving that $3,600 difference between the 2024 XT4 Luxury and XT4 Premium Luxury, Cadillac dropped the price on the 2025 XT4 Premium Luxury. Therefore, the real difference between entry-level pricing is $2,900. And based on these prices, it appears Cadillac didn't raise the destination charge, either. The shipping fee adds $1,195 to the XT4's MSRP, whereas almost every other Cadillac model charges $1,395, including the CT4 sedan. Don't be surprised if the XT4's destination price rises soon.

Lower MSRPs for the 2025 XT4 come despite Cadillac adding more features to the range. The Active Safety Package is standard equipment, no longer a $1,825 option. That package includes tech like adaptive cruise control, enhanced lane-keep assist, speed limit assist, surround-view cameras and reverse automatic braking.

Cadillac bumped the price up $1,600 for 2024 with the facelift that made the XT4 nicer inside and added a 33-inch touchscreen. Even considering that, the shakeup seems the best thing for the crossover. As we wrote after the facelift, it's hard to recommend the base Luxury trim, as buyers could never escape the impression that they'd just scraped into a Cadillac CUV; the entry-level 2024 model cannot be optioned with the Active Safety Package, the $1,650 Technology Package, or the $850 Comfort and Convenience Package.

The last 2024 XT4s are expected to roll off the line at the end of May, production of the 2025 XT4 slated to start next week.

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