I Honestly Feel So Bad For Laughing At These 24 Wildly Unfortunate People, But I Can't Contain Myself

I Honestly Feel So Bad For Laughing At These 24 Wildly Unfortunate People, But I Can't Contain Myself

1.This hungry person, who reminds me of that "I hope you're hungry...for NOTHING" meme:

A note on a bag reads: "SORRY SHEETZ FREAK! We are out of SALAD needed for your order. We wouldn't leave ya hangin', so we replaced it with nothing."
u/Kasperella / Via reddit.com

2.This dad-and-child duo:

Card with a lake and trees saying "Departed from our lives... but never from our hearts." Gift card message apologizes for a father's heart attack, expressing love. Delivery on April 2, 2024
u/refusestopoop / Via reddit.com

3.Anyone who had to witness this fallen Christmas display:

Large reindeer decorations hanging by ropes in a shopping mall; a crew is setting them up. Several people in yellow high-visibility jackets are visible
u/GallowBoob / Via reddit.com

4.This unfortunate soul:

A cup of hot water with a single coffee bean inside is shown. Text reads: "I paid for hot coffee from a vending machine. It gave me a cup of hot water with a single bean in it. I'm on 3 hrs of sleep I don't need this happening."
u/TheRimOfTheWorld / Via reddit.com

5.This embarrassed kid:

Car dashboard screen displaying inappropriate content with explicit language, showing the title "Incredible boob-job by an in...". Below, a song is playing via Bluetooth
u/MonkeyGod800 / Via reddit.com

6.Along with this poor sister:

A package with a labeled customs form, partially covered, showing the word "Dildo." The package is atop another unopened envelope on a concrete surface
u/GroundbreakingCat / Via reddit.com

7.The poor grandma who ordered this keychain for her husband:

Cartoon figures of Terry and a dog named Evie are depicted on a keychain. Terry is shown from the back, hugging Evie
ConnerBarclay1 / Via reddit.com

8.This parent who just wanted to take a nice photo with their kid:

Two people standing on rocks near a "North Cascades National Park" sign in a forested area
u/therobbunda / Via reddit.com

9.And this parent who just wanted to get a nice gift for their daughter:

A map shows a tracking route along a coastline. A marker indicates the last known location on December 11th at 9:56 AM
[deleted] / Via reddit.com

10.This person who didn't get the dessert they were promised:

A cookie with chocolate chips, a bag of sea salt chips, and a wrapped sandwich on a desk with a laptop in the background
u/GeezusKreist / Via reddit.com

11.This poor cat owner who may be rethinking their choice in pets:

A worn and heavily used cast iron skillet with oil residue and signs of burnt food on its surface
u/o0longtea / Via reddit.com

12.This person with colossally bad luck:

Two opened Apple Watch boxes, showing accessories inside, on a cluttered wooden table beside a mug and a plate
u/DaveSpacelaser / Via reddit.com

13.And this extremely unlucky soul:

iPod screen showing "iPod is disabled, try again in 24,987,844 minutes" message on a Thursday, January 1, at 3:33 AM
u/Paydirt288 / Via reddit.com

14.Anyone who encountered this sad reality:

Soft serve ice cream machine at a shop with a "No Ice Cream" sign taped to it. Surrounding signs read "Anything is possible with ice cream" and show different cone options
u/meowmixlyss / Via reddit.com

15.This well-meaning grandma:

A hat features a smiling cartoon cat with a mischievous expression and both middle fingers raised. There are no human figures or other prominent text in the image
u/Julius-Jules / Via reddit.com

16.The person who received this fortune...and a reality check:

Fortune cookie message on wooden table reads: "Seek help from professionals trained in mental health care."
u/chastenz / Via reddit.com

17.Along with whoever received this one:

A fortune cookie slip reads: "You will go on a date with a beautiful woman. She could do so much better."
u/j0be / Via reddit.com

18.This poor guy who just wanted to cool off after the gym:

A person mowing a large lawn on a small red mower while being sprayed with water in a park-like setting
u/Brieflyheree / Via reddit.com

19.These shocked parents and stuck baby:

A baby wearing animal print pants and a white shirt is head down, with only legs visible, stuck in the corner against a wall and carpeted floor
u/tuonni / Via reddit.com

20.This disgusted child:

A hallway with wooden floors. A litter box with a scoop is on the left, and a box of cat litter with a scoop stands against the wall on the right
u/a_n_v_s / Via reddit.com

21.This poor mother:

Name badge with the text "ANA L." held up close, below a logo reads "St. Roslin"
u/bd10123 / Via reddit.com

22.This person who didn't exactly get what they'd ordered:

u/Bembahda / Via reddit.com

23.And this woman who ordered wall art for her sister but received this pillowcase instead:

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson with Shrek's green ogre ears and skin, smiling broadly. The image appears on a cloth
u/kid_wonderbread / Via reddit.com

24.And finally, everyone involved in this scenario:

  u/calcol28 / Via reddit.com
u/calcol28 / Via reddit.com