3 underrated shows on Hulu you need to watch in June 2024

The cast of The Client List.
Sony Pictures Television

There’s large influx of reality shows and a few programs from History on Hulu in June. But for fans who prefer scripted television, there are a few gems in the rough that didn’t get the attention that they deserved when they were on network television or even on rival streaming services.

To help these underappreciated series find new audiences, we’ve put together this brief list of the three underrated shows on Hulu that you need to watch in June. Our first pick a steamy drama that had even bigger drama behind the scenes, as well as a crime series and a British comedy series that was once streaming on Netflix and Max before it came to Hulu.

The Client List (2012-2013)

Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Client List.
Sony Pictures TV

Before Jennifer Love Hewitt had a career resurgence as one of the stars on 9-1-1  —  which is also on Hulu — she had another brief return to prominence as the star of The Client List. This salacious series features Hewitt as Riley Parks, a woman who has been abandoned by her husband, Kyle Parks (Brian Hallisay), and is barely keeping herself and her children afloat. In order to survive, Riley accepts a job at a local massage parlor, and she only briefly balks at providing “extras” to her clients.

However, once Riley goes down that path, it’s hard to keep her secret from coming out. And just when Kyle reenters her life, Riley is already developing romantic feelings for his brother, Evan Parks (Colin Egglesfield). This show came to an early end because of some backstage disagreements between Hewitt and the studio, but the series lives on in a digital afterlife.

Watch The Client List on Hulu.

Lie to Me (2009-2011)

The lead character in Lie to Me, head cocked to the side talking to someone.
20th Century Studios Television

Shortly after he made his debut in the MCU as the Abomination, Tim Roth headlined his own crime procedural series on Fox called Lie to Me. Roth played Dr. Cal Lightman, a man who has an uncanny ability to detect when someone is lying to him. This isn’t some supernatural gift, as Lightman relies on his ability to read microexpressions, and he’s willing to use any skills necessary to coax out the truth from anyone.

Law & Order fans will probably recognize the dynamic that Lightman shares with his colleague, Dr. Gillian Foster (Kelli Williams), as they clearly care about each other but never quite get romantic. There were only three seasons of Lie To Me, but it still has a sizable number of episodes to binge through.

Watch Lie to Me on Hulu.

Chewing Gum (2015-2017)

Michaela Coel applies makeup in Chewing Gum.

Michaela Coel created and starred in Chewing Gum, a series in which she cast herself as a young woman named Tracey Gordon. Tracey has been stuck in a rut for years, especially with her long-term boyfriend, Ronald (John MacMillan), whom she only belatedly realizes is gay.

When Tracey meets Connor Jones (Robert Lonsdale), she’s certain that he’s the man for her. Getting together with Connor may be the easy part, but maintaining a relationship soon proves to be much harder than Tracey expected. And no matter what Tracey tries, nothing seems to work right in her life.

Watch Chewing Gum on Hulu.