This Alienware gaming PC with RTX 4070 Super is $400 cheaper today

Graphics card in the Alienware Aurora R16.
Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

If you don’t know how to build a PC from scratch, then you may want to go for a pre-built gaming PC, and one of the best comes from Alienware, which is a Dell brand. Interestingly, Dell has recently gone through a refresh of most of its gear, and that includes the new and improved Aurora R16. While it doesn’t look as cool as the older case, it’s still as powerful, and this configuration is a great mid-range option that you can grab from Dell for just $1,500 instead of the usual $1,900.

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Why you should buy the Alienware Aurora R16

Modern gaming can get pretty difficult to do, especially if you want to do 4K or really high refresh rates. While this configuration of the Alienware Aurora R16 won’t hit 4k with high settings, it’s still pretty excellent. You get an RTX 4070 Super, which actually can do around 60FPS at 4K with average settings, but where it really shines is in 2K gaming performance, especially if you want to hit over 100fps with high graphical settings. It also has excellent ray-tracing performance, and you even get access to the latest DLSS 3.5, although it is worth mentioning that both of these aren’t available in all games, so be sure the ones you want to play support them.

Besides just gaming, the Aurora R16 is powerful in a lot of other things, especially since it comes with an Intel Core i7 14700F, an upper-range CPU that should handle pretty much most things you throw at it, and includes some creativity work. RAM is pretty good at 16GB of DDR5, although it would have been nice to see 32GB instead at this price point, even though it’s not a dealbreaker. The same goes for the 1TB of storage, which could have been a bit bigger, especially given that this is a gaming PC and most modern games are very storage-hungry.

Overall, the Aurora R16 is an excellent mid-range gaming PC that’s perfect for 2K gaming, and this deal from Dell that knocks it down to just $1,500 is pretty much a steal if you can grab it. On the other hand, if this doesn’t quite do it for you, then check out these other great gaming PC deals.

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