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Apple ID is now Apple Account

The company is making the change as it rolls out iOS 18, macOS Sequoia et al.

REUTERS / Reuters

For all the AI features, customization options and everything else coming to Apple’s operating systems this year, there is one other notable update. The company is rebranding Apple ID to Apple Account in iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia and watchOS 11.

The reason behind the change is to provide "a consistent sign-in experience across Apple services and devices," the company wrote in a blog post. Apple Account "relies on a user's existing credentials," so you won't have to change anything.

The betas of the new operating systems already use the term Apple Account, but MacRumors notes that Apple ID is still used in some places, such as the account sign-in page on Apple's website. The company is most likely going to complete the Apple Account transition by the time it rolls out the latest major public versions of the operating systems (which also include tvOS and visionOS) this fall.

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