The Bachelor stars Joey and Kelsey react to accidentally spoiling their season

Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson have reacted to the internet sleuths who figured out the result of their season of The Bachelor before the finale.

The last episode of the most recent series, which aired 25 March, saw finalist Daisy Kent step aside, paving the way for Anderson to claim Graziadei’s final rose. The pair also got engaged during the beachside rose ceremony in Tulum, Mexico.

The series concluded filming in November of last year, with the outcome kept tightly under wraps as the show airs to the public.

During this time, Kelsey and Joey were able to spend time together at a special safe house away from prying eyes.

However, some inquisitive fans on Reddit were able to determine that social media posts shared by the couple appeared to be from the same location while the pair were in the safe house together, spoiling the show’s ending.

“We tried our best,” Graziadei told Entertainment Weekly about the spoiler. “I was in front of a white wall. She went outside. We are shocked that they put two and two together. We will never underestimate them ever again.”

The emotional final episode showed Kent going to Anderson’s room, where the pair discussed how their last week had been after they each met Graziadei’s family. After the conversation, during which Kent candidly acknowledged that things “felt off” with her and the leading man, the two women decided to break the usual protocol of taking separate cars to the final rose ceremony.

The episode showed one solo shot of Kent and another of Anderson in the car, to make it seem like they were each travelling separately to the rose ceremony, like previous contestants have. However, it was then revealed that the two women were sitting in the same car and holding each other’s hands.

Once they arrived at the ceremony, Kent was the first to exit the vehicle and make her way to Graziadei before they ended their relationship. Following the breakup, Kent walked back to the car and received a hug from Anderson, whom Graziadei later proposed to. Kent then shared some touching words with Anderson, whose mother died of cancer.

“I know your mom’s going to be looking down at this moment and be so happy,” she said, as Anderson cried.

On social media, fans applauded their tight friendship.

While speaking to The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer during the “After The Final Rose” event – where the cast of the season reunited – Kent said that during the week before the last rose ceremony, she already knew that her relationship was ending.

“I first realised when we are at the last rose ceremony when Rachel left,” she said, referring to the last contestant who was eliminated before the finale. “I just saw you two look at each other and I was like: ‘Whoa.’ For the first time I was like: ‘I don’t think it’s me.’ I just remember that. And then I was kind of trying to suppress my feelings. Then going into our last date, I’m just feeling anxious going into it. I remember thinking: ‘It shouldn’t feel like this. I shouldn’t feel this anxious.’”