Best Memorial Day gaming laptop deals: Get a gaming laptop for $800

If you’re the sort of person who is constantly on the move but still wants to game, then you might want to opt for a solid gaming laptop. Luckily, the quality of gaming laptops has increased massively in the past few years, and you can find some really great specs for good prices. In fact, you can get even better deals than usual as part of these early Memorial Day deals, which are really great and perfect for those who can’t wait for Memorial Day itself. Alternatively, you could check out some of these other great gaming laptop deals if you don’t quite find what you’re looking for below.

Best Gaming Laptop (Intel) Memorial Day Deals

10th Gen Intel Core processor on a motherboard.

Intel is one of the most popular CPU makers on the market, so it’s no surprise to see a wide variety of gaming laptops when it comes to specs. There are solid budget options with something as entry-level as the RTX 4060 or as high-end as the RTX 4080, so there are a lot of options out there, depending on what you’re looking for.

Best Gaming Laptop (AMD) Memorial Day Deals

AMD Rizen CPU 5 off center on board
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends / Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

While AMD has traditionally been an underdog in the gaming laptop space, to the point where you couldn’t even find AMD-specced laptops with higher-end GPUs, things have changed quite drastically since then. In fact, we’ve even managed to find an excellent deal on a high-end dual-monitor laptop with an RTX 4090, so the times certainly are changing. Also, AMD laptops tend to be a bit more power-efficient and cost-effective than Intel CPUs, although probably not so much to make a big difference when it comes to gaming laptops.