NDP leader Thomas Mulcair shines in Parliamentary duel with Stephen Harper

It was probably one of the most highly anticipated Question Period's in months if not years.

For the first time since the prime minister's chief of staff resigned for gifting Senator Mike Duffy $90,000, Stephen Harper was present in the House of Commons.

While the prime minister didn't provide any new information, it made for great Parliamentary theatre.

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NDP leader Thomas Mulcair was not usual 'angry' self. He was calm while he asked short, poignant questions like a litigator.

At what date and what time was the prime minister informed that Nigel Wright had made a payment to Conservative Senator Mike Duffy?

When did the prime minister first speak with Nigel Wright about Mike Duffy's expenses?

How many times did he speak with Nigel Wright in the week preceding his resignation?

What directives give to Nigel Wright or to other members of his office to resolve the problems with spending by Senator Mike Duffy?

What changed between the time prime minister expressed his total absolute support of Nigel Wright and the momemnt that he accepted his resignation just three days later?

For his part, Harper continued to reiterate that he knew nothing of the money transfer until it was reported in the media.

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Harper also insisted that he had no communications with Conservatives in a Senate finance committee that allegedly whitewashed a report about Duffy's expenses.

The Twittersphere was abuzz throughout the one hour session with followers complimentary of Mulcair's strategy.

We can expect to see round 2 on Wednesday.

(Photo courtesy of the Canadian Press)

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