Politicians divvy up the naughty or nice list for 2012

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
Canada Politics

As we approach Christmas, political pundits and analysts always like to look back and reflect upon the year that was.

One of Political Points' traditions (well, we started it last year) is the annual list of Canadian politicians who have nice and who have been naughty.

So here it is: The...ahem...world famous 2012 Political Points naughty and nice list.

The Naughty List:

While the North Pole won't disclose their official naughty lists, I think it's a safe bet that the following politicians won't be getting a visit from old Saint Nick on the 25th.

- Toronto mayor Rob Ford for chasing a reporter off his property, for reading while driving, for skipping work to attend football practices and for improperly participating in a City Council debate about donations he collected for his personal football charity in 2010.

- London, Ont. mayor Joe Fontana for allegedly using taxpayer money to pay for his son's wedding in 2005 and for not stepping down as mayor despite charges laid against him by the RCMP.

- Ontario premier Dalton McGunity for disputes with Ontario's teachers, for more scandals including the closure of two gas plants which cost taxpayers more than $230 million and for proroguing the legislature to get out of a political jam.

- NDP MP Pat Martin for his Twitter tirade where he called the Conservatives "rat faced whores" and delved in to the personal life of public safety minister Vic Toewes.

- Former cabinet minister Bev Oda for her $16 glass of orange juice and for other stories about financial improprieties.

Oda shouldn't be too concerned about being on the naughty list and not getting any presents from Santa. She's now earning a taxpayer funded pension of $52,183.

The Nice List:

Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page for continuing to hold the government's feet to the fire on issues such as CPP, F-35s and government cutbacks.

- Green Party leader Elizabeth May for being the most prominent and effective opposition voice against the Conservatives on many issues but in particular during the omnibus budget debate in the spring.

- Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau for energizing not only the Liberal Party but disgruntled voters across the country. Plus, he gave us media-types a lot to write about.

- Citizenship and Immigration minister Jason Kenney for tackling the problem of immigration cheats and for revamping our immigration system so that it benefits all Canadians.

- Treasury Board President Tony Clement for putting all the Gazeebo-gate stuff behind him and having a solid year doing his part to cut costs in the public service and thus saving taxpayers billions of dollars.

Clement was on last year's naughty list — apparently Santa doesn't hold grudges.