Alberta man offers $500 reward for return of stolen outhouse

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
Randy Nemirsky and his son Nick spent days rebuilding the outhouse on their family farm last summer, only to have it disappear sometime in the fall.

Thieves in Alberta have committed a crime that really stinks.

Randy Nemirsky and his son, Nick, told the CBC they spent the summer rebuilding an old outhouse on their farm near Edmonton. When they returned to the property this fall, nothing remained of the outdoor bathroom but a hole in the ground.

Nemirsky wasn't laughing. He reported the crime to the local RCMP detachment and told the media the outhouse cost him about $1000 to build. The new bathroom was probably much more appealing to the toilet thieves than its predecessor, which had been built in 1936. They also stole a picnic table.

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This outhouse was no cardboard box. Nemirsky said the wooden base was bolted to the ground and the structure weighed more than 350 kilograms. All attempts to flush out the criminals from the area around Lamont County have proved unsuccessful.

The farm owner has posted an ad on Kijiji offering a "reasonable reward" for information about where the outhouse has gone. The CBC reported about a previous ad that listed the reward at $500.

As one online commenter joked, when asked if he had any leads on the perpetrators, Nemirsky probably said he "didn't have a thing to go on."