Canadian firm designs 3D printed Pez dispensers of your head

An early model 3D printer from

If the best source of ideas is inside your head, why not get your candy from there too?

A Toronto jewelry company has designed funky PEZ candy dispensers that feature individuals' heads as the top part, which means you flip open your own head to release the candy.

Hot Pop Factory generally makes 3D printed jewelry but it branched out when a business client asked for quirky employee gifts, according to a blog post.

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Hot Pop says it convinced each of the client's employees to submit their heads to 3D scanning, under the guise that it was for an undisclosed 'research' project. For some reason, everyone agreed to the strange request. Employees sat in a chair while someone scanned their heads using an XBOX Kinect remote and design software.

They cleaned up the images then 3D printed them, which apparently took many hours. Then it was goodbye Disney princesses, hello 32 custom PEZ dispenser heads.

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Hot Pop Factory's work mostly involves necklaces, earrings and other jewelry featuring geometric shapes made with a 3D printer. Its blog also features a recent project for the Textile Museum of Canada that involved a creative design using tiny chair models.