David Cameron’s serious Tweet gets people laughing

(Credit: Twitter)

If you’ve been surfing the Internet at all lately, chances are you’ve seen this photo.

So what — it’s David Cameron on the phone, what’s so great about that?

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron posted this photo via his Twitter account with the caption “I’ve been speaking to @BarackObama about the situation in Ukraine. We are united in condemnation of Russia’s actions.”

The reason the photo has blown up so quickly over the Internet is because numerous celebrities have poked fun at the serious, yet seriously funny tweet.

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Reports confirm that Cameron was indeed on the phone with Obama discussing the issues in Ukraine. What’s not confirmed is the reason Cameron felt the need to take a selfie right in the middle of such a serious conversation. There’s no doubt Cameron thought this was a great idea at the time. Yes, I’ll take a selfie discussing the Ukraine crisis with the American president so I appear up to date on my social media and to show the people that I care. People will love it!

Clearly not an avid tweeter, Cameron has made poor Twitter choices in the past. Last year, he accidentally “favourited” a highly offensive tweet in the aftermath of the Brighton Bombing.

The ‘seriously funny’ selfie of Cameron on the phone with Obama has snowballed in to a mockery all over Twitter. Celebrities are getting in to the action too, holding random objects up to their ear like a phone, adding captions stating they’re all on the line, too.

The pictures tweeted in response to Cameron’s post all consist of two things: their most serious “Condemn Russia” face and the most ridiculous object they could use as a phone. It’s not just celebrities creating the parodies of Cameron’s social media disaster. Everyone seems to want in on the Cameron ridicule. One guy even posted a picture of him holding up his dog pretending to use it as a phone!

Others poked fun at Cameron about whether or not he was actually on the phone with Obama, posting pictures of characters such a Batman, Bart Simpson, even a dominoes delivery guy, with captions of them on the line with Cameron.

Cameron just needs a new politician to make a new social media faux pas and everyone will forget about this one. Anyone remember when Mitt Romney spelled “America” wrong? That’s right … and the uproar from that one has certainly blown over. C’mon guys, he just wanted to create a better “Amercia”.

Don’t worry Mr. Cameron, this too shall pass.

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