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LOL may actually mean ‘Lucifer our lord’

An image posted to Reddit shows a warning about finishing tweets with the popular acronym

It's important to know your acronyms before you just start tweeting and texting. I remember a story about a mother who would sign off endearing messages to her daughter with "LOL" because she thought it meant "lots of love." Her daughter was quite confused and then had a good laugh.

But we all may have been wrong about "LOL" meaning "laugh out loud."

An image posted to Reddit is warning everyone that when we write "LOL" we may actually be praying to the prince of darkness because it actually means "Lucifer our lord."

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"Beware, stop using the abbreviation 'LOL'," reads part of the warning. "Satanists end their prayers by saying 'Lucifer our Lord', in short, 'LOL'. Every time you type 'LOL you are endorsing Satan."

From everything we can gather, "LOL" still means "laugh out loud", but if this were the case there are a lot of people who bow down to Satan on the Internet. It's used on the social media site more dozens of times a minute.

Some Redditors had some fun with this post and came up with some more hellish acronyms:

YOLO means "youth obeying Lucifer's orders"
SWAG means "Satan's wishes are granted
LMAO means "Lucifer massacres all oppressors"
BRB means "Beelzebub rules below"
NSFW means "now Satan fulfills wishes"
GTL means "gym tan Lucifer"

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