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London jewel thieves storm shopping centre on motorcycles in James Bond-style robbery

Daniel Craig may be growing weary of his James Bond role, but a team of ballsy London jewel thieves appear to be angling for a role in the next 007 flick based on a robbery stunt they pulled in a North London mall.

As the Telegraph reports, six axe-and-bat-wielding, motorcycle-riding suspects blazed into Brent Cross mall shortly after it opened.

Paired up on three bikes, the passenger portion of each dyad reportedly jumped off their seats and ran on foot to the Fraser Hart jewelry store.

Raw: Jewelry Thieves Get Away on MotorcyclesThieves get away on motorcycles inside a London shopping mall after robbing a jewelry store. (Nov. 8)

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From there, the helmeted thieves used their medieval-style weapons to smash in the glass window and grab armfuls of jewelry and watches from the shattered display case before jumping back on the bikes and zooming out of the mall.

"The whole place was going mad. The women in John Lewis were screaming and the man in the jewellery store ran out after the robbers," an eyewitness told the paper.

"Watches were just dropping off the motorbikes as they went. They accelerated away and I don't know where they went after that."

Police tell the paper that the discarded bikes were discovered 15 miles away near a golf course. So far the suspects have not been tracked down.

While an impressive feat of showmanship, today's heist could still be considered minor league compared to a previous motor vehicle-based robbery.

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Back in 2005, a pair of well-organized crooks stole two KLM uniforms and a company car before rolling up to an armoured car with an estimated $75 million-worth of diamonds headed for Antwerp, holding up the drivers at gunpoint and casually driving off with the loot.

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