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Man who swallowed a nail hits deep notes

The nephew of a man who says he swallowed a nail when he was a child has uploaded a video of his deep, deep singing voice.

"My Uncle swallowed a nail as a child, since then has had the worlds lowest voice," says the description on the video, which was uploaded in 2010 but has spiked in popularity this week after media websites began sharing it.

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The man uses his low voice to sing a spirited rendition of That Lucky Old Sun, a 1949 song first recorded by Frankie Laine and later performed by Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and many others.

While he can hold a nice tune, this man doesn't actually have the deepest voice in the world. The world record for lowest vocal note by a man is held by American Tim Storms, who can sing so low the human ear can't even detect the sound.

Storms can sing 0.189 Hz, which sounds like this, except you would have to be an elephant to hear it.

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He says an ear, nose and throat specialist discovered the secret to his deep singing voice after attending a concert in which Storms performed with a Christian acapella group. The doctor asked to see his vocal chords with a scope, he said, and found they were almost twice as long as average.

Still, many commenters on this singing uncle's video say he nailed it.

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