Michigan man abandons truck, clothes, walks up highway wearing only a cowboy hat

Sometimes a guy's just got to get out of Detroit.

Auburn Hills police responded to reports Sunday morning of a man walking northbound in the middle of Interstate 75 wearing nothing but a cowboy hat. No shirt, no pants, no shoes.

The incident was captured on video by a man who pulled over to the highway's shoulder, just as the nude man walked past. Southbound cars on the highway had to veer to get out of the way of the man. Thankfully, traffic was light because of a recent snowstorm.

"He's trying to open up car doors," another man says in the video. "His truck's over there, his clothes are all laid out in the road."

According to Lt. Casimir Miarka of the Auburn Hills police, the man drove onto the expressway before exiting his vehicle and going for a snowy stroll.

"It appears that he ran off the roadway and into the ditch," Miarka told The Detroit News. "The report was the man was stripping off his clothes so I would assume (the police) found his clothes."

The man, identified as a 53-year-old from Bloomfield Hills, was taken to hospital.

"We really don't know ... why he did what he did," Miarka told The Detroit News. "He never told us why he did this. We obviously wanted to get him medical treatment."

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