Missing elderly man walks up to camera crew covering his story

Missing Maine man walks up to camera crew covering his story. (Screengrab courtesy WMTW News 8)

A missing elderly man in Limington, Maine wrote the end of his own news story on Tuesday when he walked up to the camera crew that was reporting on his disappearance.

Robert McDonough is a 73-year-old man with dementia who disappeared on Monday afternoon, according to the Associated Press. Reports say the Maine Warden Service searched for him throughout the night. But in the end, it was McDonough who found them.

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A local television crew from WMTW News 8 stood on McDonough's street providing live updates on Tuesday morning. Norm Karkos, the reporter on scene, said he had just finished reporting live when the camera captured something strange.

Footage shows a man with grey hair and a beard approaching the reporter as he stands in front of the camera, between live updates. Karkos turns around to look at the man, who walks slowly past.

The reporter says hello and asks him how he's doing, then he looks puzzled, apparently noticing that he looks awfully like the man in the description. The tape cuts to someone identifying the elderly fellow as Robert McDonough, who had been missing for about 15 hours.

McDonough identified himself to the news crew, who called the authorities, according to the news station's account.

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For his last update, Karkos didn't have to do much reporting. He simply pointed to the man behind him and explained what had happened.

Now that is live television.