Oklahoma man gets a year in the can for peeping from inside septic tank

Oklahoma's Kenneth Enlow got a year in jail for peeping from inside a septic tank.

A 52-year-old Tulsa County, Oklahoma man is in a bad situation, but it isn't nearly as crappy as the crime that landed him there.

Kenneth Webster Enlow pleaded guilty to Peeping Tom charges last week after a woman and her daughter said they found him inside the septic tank at a park bathroom, looking up at them through the seat, according to Tulsa World.

Ambra Reynolds said she went to the bathroom at White Water Park with her 7-year-old daughter and once inside, she noticed the water moving below, NBC affiliate 2News reported in early August.

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Reynolds said she screamed and ran out of the bathroom before calling police, who found a man sitting inside the septic tank, according to the story.

Tulsa World reported the fire department helped the man, filthy from sitting in a septic tank, to climb back out, and then cleaned him with a fire hose.

At the time the man told police his girlfriend had hit him on the head and threw him in the toilet, according to Tulsa World.

However, Tulsa World reported Enlow was convicted on misdemeanor peeping Tom charges, given a $5,000 fine and sentenced to one year in jail.

This April, two men in Georgia were charged as Peeping Toms after they fell through the ceiling of a restroom into the stalls their spying eyes were watching, according to WSBTV.com.

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