Priest believes Lego can ‘destroy the souls of children’

Lego monsters (Lego)

Lego is the toy of the devil.

According to a Polish priest named Slawomir Kostrzewa, a new line of Lego monster and zombie mini-figures are all about “darkness and a world of death.”

In a presentation directed at parents, Father Slawomir Kostrzewa said that the popular Danish toy company could have a negative affect on children, which could destroy their souls and lead them to the dark side.

He believes the formerly friendly Lego pieces have been replaced with dark, soul-crushing monsters, negatively altering the minds of children who play with them.

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Father Kostrzewa believes that the Lego pieces have “facial expressions [that] may lead to confusion between good and evil.”

He strongly believes that when it comes to these Lego toys, the good are the ones who suffer in battle and the Lego ‘villains’ show satisfaction through their tiny given facial expressions.

We get it, he feels uneasy about children playing with these tiny satanic-looking figurines, and he does make a point. However, when it comes to monster vs. zombie in this latest Lego showdown, maybe Father Kostrzewa is over-thinking it just a little.

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Perhaps Lego chose to use monsters and zombies to deter the fear of these creatures that have been instilled in them, and instead use them as encouragement to build, regardless of their ‘evil facial expressions’.

According to psychologist Monika Filipowska, there is nothing wrong with the Lego pieces. "These are just blocks," she said, when interviewed by the Super Express newspaper. "Linking them to Satan is just wrong, and all that will happen is that children will be afraid of them now."

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