Rob Ford caricature T-shirt sells for $7,100 on eBay

The Margaret Atwood signed shirt makes references to some of Ford's most famous blunders

Remember that one-of-a-kind T-shirt of Rob Ford we told you about last week? The one where he is driving a car while talking on a cell phone and flipping the bird out the window? It's just a piece of cloth, but it sold on eBay for $7,100 Thursday evening.

Above the caricature of Ford are the words "Welcome to Toronto."

The T-shirt was auctioned off to raise money for Fanado, a mobile app that lets fans interact with their heroes through their smartphones. And while the image may be easy to reproduce, the shirt is signed by Fanado's co-founder and Canadian literary icon Margaret Atwood, who is also known recently for her spats with the Ford brothers over library funding.

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The starting price of the shirt was $25 when the auction began a week ago. It climbed to more than $800 with an hour left before the deadline and that's when most of the excitement happened. With 10 minutes to go the price was around $3,500 and then with only a few minutes left, someone bid $7,100 and won.

Atwood received the shirt as a gift while visiting Ryerson University, signed it and then hooked up with Edmonton teacher Curtis White to sell it.

"It's a really good lesson to Mayor Ford," said White to Global Toronto. "He gets negative press for doing negative things so we're turning this into something positive, going to an app that helps artists."

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The image is in reference to an incident last July when a woman was driving with her daughter and saw the mayor driving and talking on his phone. When the woman yelled at him to get off his phone, he apparently flipped her the bird. She wrote she could also see him swearing through the window.

Ford was also caught driving and talking on his phone by woman in October.

Knowing someone will pay so much for this type of shirt probably isn't even the worst thing that's happened to Ford in the last few days. On Thursday, a photo surfaced from the 2012 New Year's Levee at City Hall of him with a white supremacist. Ford is shown proudly smiling and putting his arm around Jon Latvis, a former member of the neo-Nazi band RAHOWA.

(eBay screen capture)