Subway employee caught “baking” her wet socks in the store’s oven

A Subway employee in the U.K. decided to dry her socks in a Subway oven. (Instagram)

A subway employee felt it was necessary – and more importantly okay to dry her flood-soaked socks in the store’s oven after her walk to work.

After walking to work in a rainstorm, Subway employee Alice Sykes of Worcester, U.K., took of her wet socks and put them in the store’s oven to dry. While waiting for her brightly-colored socks to get toasty warm, she took a picture of them for her Twitter and Instagram to share with the world.

According to the Daily Mail, one of the store’s regular customers, Jessica Hinton, saw the pictures and complained.

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The store manager apologized to Hinton and offered her two free sandwich vouchers and a Sunday job.

To make matters worse, Sykes began to send Hinton private messages on Facebook that were borderline harassment.

She wrote:

I had a nine hour shift ahead of me and my boss didn't think it was fair I was soaking wet the entire shift. The entire oven was cleaned afterwards as well. I apologize for any offense this has caused you. It was a one off thing that thought wasn't put into. But we strive to have a clean store every single day. We have monthly inspections to prove that me and my boss are very sorry about the whole thing and we hope you accept the vouchers.”

Believe it or not, Sykes is still employed at the Worcester Subway. Subway corporate is “investigating the facts at this particular franchise.” Maybe next time they’ll catch Sykes airing out her underwear in the toaster.

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