Vancouver homeowner finds naked intruder cooking eggs in his kitchen

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
Police say the naked intruder was cooking up some eggs when he was discovered by the homeowner.

Police in Vancouver say a man took a shower and made some eggs on Tuesday, which might have been strange for police to say, if the man had been in his own house. And if he hadn't been naked.

The Canadian Press reported a resident of east Vancouver walked into his kitchen on Tuesday evening at about 7 p.m. to find an uninvited guest cooking dinner at his stove, wearing nothing at all. The naked chef ran away but police quickly arrested him.

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Spokesperson Brian Montague said police suspected the man was on drugs. He said the residents were actually home when the intruder came in but they didn't notice him for about 25 minutes, each perhaps thinking another resident was showering and making dinner.

The news wire reported police will likely charge a 30-year-old man from Burnaby with being unlawfully in a dwelling-house.

A naked burglary in Kitchener last month became a strange chase after a man with an ever-changing outfit. CTV reported police were searching the neighbourhood near a Shoppers Drug Mart break-in when they saw a naked man leap out of a car and run away.

He crossed the highway naked, according to the broadcaster, and he ran into the resident of an apartment building. At some point on his journey, the man had found a pair of boxer shorts and a woman's T-shirt, the apartment building resident told CTV.

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Apparently not pleased with the outfit, he said the costume-changing suspect asked for clothes.