Woman builds her dream home using just 130 sq. ft

With mortgage rates constantly on the rise, a B.C. woman has found a way to live in her dream house without emptying her pockets.

Using her own two hands, 30-year-old landscaper, Kayla Feenstra, built her 130 sq. ft. home in Abbotsford, B.C.

With the nickname, "Jack in a Box," Feenstra custom designed and built her own tiny house for just $15,000, a fraction of the $300, 000 mortgage on a house she almost purchased. The goal to build her own house didn’t surface until her original offer to buy a traditional B.C. home fell through. She was asked to provide a larger down payment for the home, which she could not afford, so her dream of building her own home started to become a reality.

She began to contemplate if she really wanted a $300,000 mortgage, if she wanted roommates, and how much space she actually needed to live in.

Ultimately she decided that she really didn’t need very much. Since she was done with renting, and only needed some place to call "home," she realized she could just build her own "home."

The construction took only two months to complete, and it sits upon a trailer bed so that she can move it if she desires. You can view pictures and the progress of her completed project on her blog, here.

"I didn't own any land and I didn't want to build a house and then have to leave it behind, so then I thought of putting it on wheels," Feenstra told The Huffington Post B.C.

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Having grown up building log homes with her father, Feenstra was certain she could design and build her tiny home herself.

Equipped with an 80 sq. ft loft style bedroom, a kitchen, and a complete bathroom, Feenstra’s little house has everything she needs.

People are shocked at just how spacious it really is. Because Feenstra built up instead of out, her house actually has an 11-foot ceiling, which really opens the place up. And being that she is 6’2, a high ceiling was kind of necessary.

Solar panels on the roof were installed to power her petite pad, fully equipped with a fridge, stove, and low-voltage LED lights. She also added electric wiring so that she has the option of hooking up her miniature mansion to a house or RV park for power.

Feenstra lives with her 100 lb dog, Scotch, and her cat named Jinx. The three of them in such a cozy pad simply prove that we don't need a lavish, expensive mansion to be happy; just a place to call "home."

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