Woman who drowned in Paris becomes most kissed face in world

If you have learned CPR or taken a lifeguard course, chances are you have locked lips with the face of an unknown woman whose death continues to be shrouded in mystery.

In the late 19th century a woman's lifeless body was pulled from a quay by the River Seine in Paris. Because no one could identify her, authorities produced a plaster mask of her face and hung it outside. Artists and writers, captured by her beauty, began making up stories of her death. Everything from unrequited love to a suicide.

Fast forward nearly 70 years and the image of the woman and her mysterious death were still inspiring people.

In 1958, the Laerdal Company decided to switch from creating children's toys to creating resuscitation and emergency devices. They introduced their first patient simulator Resusci Anne mannequin in 1960. She has come to be known by millions as Rescue Annie or Resusci Annie.

Asmund Laerdal, founder of the company, was convinced that if a mannequin was life-like, people would be more determined to learn the proper technique and save a life, according to the Daily Mail.

Millions around the world have been taught to perform CPR on the doll making the image of a girl who possibly took her own life the most kissed face in the world.

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